1.  PA STATE GUIDANCE FOR ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES. Governor Wolf directed all non-essential businesses to close for 14 days in order to interrupt transmission of COVID-19. He has defined essential businesses to include healthcare facilities, which includes Healing Motion PT & Wellness Center. This is from the governor’s directive:

Essential services and sectors include but are not limited to food processing, agriculture, industrial manufacturing, feed mills, construction, trash collection, grocery and household goods (including convenience stores), home repair/hardware and auto repair, pharmacy and other medical facilities, biomedical and healthcare, post offices and shipping outlets, insurance, banks, gas stations, laundromats, veterinary clinics and pet stores, warehousing, storage, and distribution, public transportation, and hotel and commercial lodging

2.  PLEASE DO NOT COME IN IF YOU ARE SICK.  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for appointments, but we will NEVER charge you for a cancellation because you are ill.  PLEASE let us know via a phone call or email prior to your appointment (preferably as far in advance as you can). Due to the lack of availability of coronavirus testing, we do not want to take any chances that you just have a “little cold” and still want to come in.  The coronavirus symptoms are sometimes just a mild fever and cold symptoms for a couple of days…it may feel like any other mild cold/flu, but we just don’t know and don’t want to risk that it’s more than that.  Symptoms of CV could also be so severe that hospitalization could result from respiratory distress.  Please think of those around you when you are “on the fence” about coming in to the studio.  Please err on the conservative side, especially if you’ve recently had any symptoms resembling those of the coronavirus.

3.  PILATES/GYROTONIC LESSONS.  Since Governor Wolf has specified healthcare facilities as essential businesses which may remain open and since we teach one-on-one at Healing Motion, PC (no general membership and no crowds of people) and since exercise is an important way of maintaining proper function of your immune system, we will continue to offer our regular one-on-one exercise sessions.

4.  FOLLOW SIMPLE STEPS TO MINIMIZE SPREAD OF COVID-19.  Please wash your hands or spritz your hand with the readily available sanitizer when you arrive and again when you leave the studio.  Before the outbreak started, we already cleaned equipment after each use and will continue to do so, but this extra step by you will help.  We also sell non-skid reformer towels and non-skid socks of various styles to offer an extra layer of personal protection and hygiene, if you choose.  In addition, we are already performing more frequent deep cleanings/disinfecting of the studio as an extra precaution.

5.  WE WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED OF ANY CHANGES IN STATUS.  There may be the need to reschedule or cancel appointments more last minute than before due to the fluid nature of how this virus is hitting us in all aspects of life, including school closures, new information on outbreaks/quarantines, etc.  For now, assume that you have your appointment or class in the schedule as before unless you hear otherwise from us in a personal email.  Pay attention to all emails that come from Healing Motion to ensure that you are aware of any of these changes.

6.  REMEMBER THAT REGULAR EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR YOU.  Make sure you keep moving, even if you find that you are not able to do it in our studio.  We’ll be here to help you when you need it.