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“Amazing. Extremely helpful. One session with these folks is like six sessions with a traditional physical therapist”.


“Pain. Free. Intercourse. Achievement unlocked! If you are looking for highly personalized treatment and a skilled physical therapist, ThriveAgain PT is for you. My therapist made me feel comfortable and was always sensitive to my mental and emotional situation during our weekly sessions. I highly recommend anyone experiencing pelvic floor pain seek out ThriveAgain PT. No one should have to have painful intercourse or feel awkward discussing it with a medical professional”.

K. S.

“Jess is the best! I’ve been seeing her for pregnancy-related issues and she has been able to help me feel a lot better in a relatively short period of time. She really focuses on her patients and makes sure that you’re on board with her treatment plan at each stage – no surprises and no feeling like you’re wasting your time. I’ve seen plenty of PTs over the years and she is far and away the most skilled while also being the most pleasant to be around. Highly recommend”!