Putting You Back in the Driver’s Seat

When pain persists for months or years, it can slowly take control of how you live your life. Our team is here to help you reclaim your life from chronic pain..

Pain is a complex neurological process in response to a perceived threat to the body. The pain experience is impacted by many factors including physical injury, overall health status, and emotional status. Over time, the pain response can become amplified and compounded by adaptation of the nervous system, limited or restricted physical activity, and discouragement due to experiences with unsuccessful treatment.

In addressing your chronic pain, we target all of the relevant aspects of your body’s pain response. We use specialized assessment and manual treatments to identify and address unresolved mechanical issues. Our manual treatments also target the nervous and organ systems to support your body’s readiness to heal. Finally, we offer movement re-education and trauma-informed psychotherapy to retrain your nervous system out of painful patterns and into well-being.


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